We create successful and powerful retail programs. We connect with specialty stores, department stores, mid-tier department stores and mass market accounts. We also sell to 1000 mom & pop accounts and 3000 accounts through our print on demand program.


  • We create, print and distribute apparel to retailers worldwide by creating a focused buy plan for every tier of distribution
  • We have a deep understanding on how to create successful programs for all levels of retail
  • Our team has extraordinary relationships with buyers/music merchandisers at retail
  • Distribution to thousands of independent and online retailers
  • Excellent track record of creating and selling non-apparel items
  • We work with buyers and their marketing team to develop and execute in-store and online programs that are supported with social media marketing
  • Develops shop-in-shop programs and pop-up shops
  • Worldwide network of distributors in UK, Europe, Asia and Australia
  • Works with the creative team to develop new programs and new designs that are specific for each retailer
  • Plans, develops, and launches online fashion lifestyle brands  



 We focus on securing Licensing deals that will increase the value of your bands with an emphasis on quality products across all categories.


  • We develop global brand-appropriate, customized licensing programs for clients by selecting the best brand partnerships across a broad spectrum of categories
  • Chooses best-in-class licensing partners for product categories in which company has expertise
  • Pursues co-branding and collaboration opportunities that align clients with appropriate successful brands
  • Negotiates and executes agreements with first-in-class partners
  • Manages all partner’s sales efforts and product development
  • Collects quarterly royalty reports from all partners