About Us

Artist Advocates

  • We were founded as a family company, dedicated to creating, producing, and distributing high quality merchandise to fans.
  • We pride ourselves on our reputation for superior artwork, product quality, client service, attention to detail, and integrity.
  • We are a company made up of true fans who are dedicated to working hard for our bands, entertainers, brands and their loyal customers.

Worldwide Touring

  • We cater our touring services to fit the needs of the client and venue. We have the capacity to manage full merchandise operations at clubs, arenas, sheds, stadiums, and festivals.
  • We recognize the importance of connecting with fans at every event; aiming for the best customer experience possible.
  • We utilize clean, attractive, and well-lit displays to maximize sales efficiency and reflect positively on our clients.
  • We provide an acute analysis of daily revenues by accurately calculating revenue projections all while remaining nimble enough to recognize market trends.
  • We have strong relationships world-wide with freight carriers to ensure product is always available and shipped as economically as possible to our very experienced professional road staff.


  • We have developed and maintain over 100 integrated web stores for our clients.
  • We manage our own 22,000 sq.ft. warehouse that ships merchandise to over 70 countries.
  • Our robust e-Commerce platform offers live auction capabilities, audio digital downloads, value-adds, bundles, promotions, pre-sales, and enter-to-wins.
  • Available real-time sales data.
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  • We distribute merchandise to retailers in more than 30 countries worldwide, including Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the UK, Germany, Italy, and more.
  • We have unparalleled relationships across all retail tiers, including high-end boutiques, specialty chains, mid-tier and mass retailers, and almost 2,000 independent shops.
  • These relationships enable us to leverage sales and create effective and relevant marketing campaigns for its artists, including fan-art competitions, chain-wide contests, and in-store signings concurrent with artist touring.
  • We protect our client’s brand and effectively targets sales by driving the creative vision and direction WITH the client.  
  • We maximize global sales all year-round through the efforts of our world-class, service-based, and consumer-focused sales team and state of the art online business 2 business site.
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  • Our licensing department excels in offering the best in client appropriate product development and worldwide logo and image-driven licensing opportunities across a broad spectrum of categories.
  • We do not advocate “roster deals” or compel each client to use the same licensing partners for every category. We use our thorough understanding of each client’s vision and direction to customize a licensing program by hand selecting the best-suited partner from our extensive world-wide network.
  • We connect with appropriate partners, negotiate the licensing deals, and collect and distribute the advances and royalty monies from any sub-licensees.
  • We maximize licensing revenue by driving the creative, developing the products (always with the approval of the Artist), and monitoring the quality of pre-production samples before allowing production to begin.

Social Responsibility in Action

  • In 2006, we became the first merch company to be 100% carbon neutral for all of our administrative operations, employee commuting, and travel.
  • We are proud to offer a number of socially responsible product options including:
    • Domestic Production
    • Sweatshop-Free and Fair Trade Certifications
    • Eco/sustainable products and materials (including organics, bamboo, recycled fibers, eco-friendly inks, and more)
  • We actively develop innovative marketing tools to educate fans and affect positive change.


  • We leverage integrated marketing campaigns across multiple sales channels to maximize revenue potential.
  • Marketing tools such as banners, graphics and HTML email campaigns are provided as needed.
  • We incentivize fans to provide promotional support by offering direct discounts and product rewards.
  • We have also developed and implemented special experiential marketing campaigns including fan art competitions, secret messaging on products, or call-to-action codes on hangtags.

Art & Production Quality

  • BandMerch has an experienced and diverse in-house art staff that has earned a second-to-none reputation in the industry.
  • Clients approach BandMerch for merchandise and licensing design, for conceptual art direction/input, logo development, branding, and album artwork design services.
  • BandMerch has built a reputation for having the best production department in the business and delivering top quality products. Our full-time separator works closely with our printing partners to ensure production is completed correctly the first time.